Fall 2022 Events

Art maker, arts advocate, educator and community builder Anthony Maki Gill will speak on

"An Artist's Alchemy: Curiosity, Creativity, Community and Clay" at the November Kingsley Art Club

November 16:
Anthony Maki Gill

"An Artist's Alchemy: Curiosity, Creativity, Community and Clay"

Anthony Maki Gill is an art maker, arts advocate, educator, and community-
builder living and working in the foothills of Northern California.

He began his career as an arts educator, facilitating art experiences for foster,
houseless and incarcerated youth.

Some of Anthony's community collaborations include: co-founding a 10,000
square foot art center for the community, establishing a city-wide art walk,
leading the Standing Guard tea-bowl project, and participating in the creation of

“The Art of Real Food” cookbook.Anthony also facilitates weekly donation-based art workshops at his Auburn studio for a diverse community of makers

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